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Sep 22, 2009 at 3:25 PM


My name is Rory Becker.

I address this message to the original author of this plugin, whose name and contact details I cannot find anywhere else.

I run the DXCore Community plugin site (Google Code - dxcorecommunityplugins)

We have a contributer (@sbohlen on twitter) who has been recompiling the code from this project and making a new binary available each time Devexpress releases a new version of their product,

We have come to believe that this project is not under active development, and were wondering if it would be reasonable for us to take a copy of the code into our own repository for some further development and cross promotion with our other plugins.

We realize that we could simply take a copy of the code since it is under the GPL, but since our existing project is under the MIT license we were hoping that perhaps you might be willing to let us have a copy under that license.

This would greatly simplify the position of our site.

I am quite happy to enter into any discussion.

I can be contacted on twitter as @rorybecker and my email is rorybecker[a.t]gmail.[com]

Thankyou for your time.