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Please note: Later versions of this plugin are available over on the DXCore Community Site

JoLu1977 (John L) has very generously agreed to alter the license to MIT from GPL.
This greatly simplifies our efforts to fork the code into our community site where many other DXcore plugins are available (all under the MIT license with full sourcecode available).

Thanks very much John :)
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CR_ClassCleaner is a DXCore plug-in that adds functionality to Visual Studio to help organize and clean classes.

Current Release: 1.5.1

The current release is tested against VS2005/C#/VB/DXCore 2.5.0

Please note this plugin will not work with VS 2003.

Release 1.5.1
  • Updated References for DXCore 2.5.1

Release 1.5
  • Updated References for DXCore 2.5.0
  • Removed unneeded references

Release 1.4
  • Updated References for DXCore 2.2.2
  • Fixed issue with vb files taking 100% cpu when organized
  • Fixed! Regions in vb were created without quotes around region tag
  • Fixed the remove regions command for vb files

Release 1.3:
  • Updated references for DXCore 2.1.3

Release 1.2 of CR_ClassCleaner comes with some improvements, refactorings and bug fixes that are listed below.
  • Improve sort to not include return type, make alphabetical
  • Fix Issue with static constructors not being organized
  • Refactor saving and writing of code blocks into the codegroup base class
  • Add Comments to each default code group
  • Make RemoveWhitespace more reliable by using Regex
  • Refactor RemoveRegions to use a better Regex to speed things up
  • When organizing, removing regions or removing whitespace remember cursor position

For upgrade instruction please read the upgrade documentation in the Doc directory included in the download. Please note the two new actions have been added for selecting and cutting current members.

NOTE: You may recieve multiple errors about your configuraton is out of date while upgrading, just stick through it and then click reset.

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